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Electromechanical Design

We provide thorough development of special machinery, combining mechanical design, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical design, sensors and drivers, programming of embedded electronics, communication protocols and in-house manufacturing.

We offer our expertise on each phase of a machine´s life cycle

  • Conceptual Enginnering
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Functional testing
  • Installation and Commisioning
  • Maintenance and revamping
  • Continuous improvement


TGS Scanner


Fabrication of scaled or 1:1 models to assess functional, geometric, ergonomic or aesthetic characteristics.

Development and manufacturing of functional prototypes in aluminum, carbón Steel and stainless steel through CNC machining and parts assembly.

Fabrication of 3D printed prototypes
in multiple materials


Here is where we develop sensors, signal conditioners and transducers that will be later mounted on proprietary or third-party machines.